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Article: Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Review: The Best Perfume of 2022?

Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Review: The Best Perfume of 2022? - My Perfume Shop

Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Review: The Best Perfume of 2022?

Carolina Herrera has released her latest perfume: Very Good Girl Eau de Parfum. This new scent for women comes with a brand new bright red stiletto-shaped bottle, and features rose as the key ingredient in the fragrance.

Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl

True to the Good Girl collection, Very Good Girl is classed as a fruity, floral Eau de Parfum. It's notes start with exotic lychee leading to a seductive heart of rose, and finally vanilla base notes which provide a surprising and contemporary finish.

Very Good Girl is described by Carolina Herrera as:

"Fun, fabulous and fearless, Very Good Girl is a bold new interpretation of the iconic Good Girl scent. 

Evolving Carolina Herrera's vision of the duality of the modern woman, this irresistible fragrance will walk straight into your heart with its seductive rose scent and red-hot design."

Here's are the key highlights of Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Eau de Parfum, the latest edition to the Good Girl collection:

  1. It comes in a bright-red stiletto bottle, certainly the most eye-catching all all the various Good Girl bottles
  2. The new hero note of the fragrance is Rose
  3. It features the same outstanding performance of the original Good Girl Eau de Parfum

Previous editions of the iconic Good Girl perfume collection have revolved around the notes of Jasmine and Tonka, so the decision by the perfumers at Carolina Herrera to feature Rose for the first time is certainly a big change.

What does Very Good Girl smell like?

The very first whiff of Very Good Girl will tell you that the fragrance is indeed loyal to the original collection - a beautiful opening of playfully mischievous Redcurrant and lychee instantly let us know that this is indeed a masterfully created floral fragrance.

But the real superstar of the Very Good Girl scent is found in the heart notes - Rose, a symbol of passion.

Rose truly is the game changing ingredient in this fragrance.

Rose is very a feminine, sweet scent that has been reinvented in many modern perfumes. It has the added benefit that it tends to linger well on the skin.

Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Review

The base notes of Very Good Girl are Vanilla and Vetiver, which create a stunning background scent to the hero notes in the opening and heart.

Vetiver is a key ingredient in the incredibly popular male counterpart fragrance, Bad Boy. So it's not surprising Carolina Herrera decided to utilise it here as well.

For those that what to know every note Very Good Girl, here's the full scent breakdown:

Fragrance Breakdown
Top Redcurrant and exotic lychee
Heart Rose
Base Vetiver, Vanilla, Bourbon

The best thing about Very Good Girl is that it doesn't smell too sweet at all, as can be the case with many floral fragrances.

In fact, the base notes of Vetiver, Vanilla, and even a touch of Bourbon, temper the intensity of the Rose scent beautifully.

The Bottle Design

As with all the Good Girl editions of perfume, Very Good Girl comes in the iconic stiletto high-heel bottle.

But what makes Very Good Girl truly unique, is the striking red colour. The red-lacquered design is the first time such an eye-catching red colour has been used.

While previous editions of the Good Girl Eau de Parfum collection have featured very feminine colours such as white and pink, this is very different to those bottles.

Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Review

This striking red design makes Very Good Girl stand out from all other perfumes on the market - no other perfume looks like it.

The very word 'Good Girl' is very simply printed on the bottle with a very pretty cursive-like font.

It's also worth noting that the Carolina Herrera signature is featured in black font on the very top of the bottle, enhancing its high-sheen finish.

How long does it last?

As with all other editions of the fragrance, the performance does not disappoint. While you will not get the almost 24 hour performance of Tom Ford fragrances, you can certainly expect Very Good Girl to last at least 7 hours.

When we tested the sillage, which is a fancy way for saying the projection radius of the smell, we found that Very Good Girl was noticeable up to 2 metres away shortly after applying a few sprays to the neck area.

We also noted that the scent lasted all through the day, and could still be detected 6 hours later.

This fantastic performance is certainly what you'd expect from Carolina Herrera, and even outperforms the Legere Eau de Parfum edition of the Good Girl fragrance released back in 2018.

How much does Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl cost?

Carolina Herrera has priced this new edition very competitively. It can be purchased at major department stores in Australia for $218.

You can get your bottle of the 80ml version of Very Good Girl Eau de Parfum right here at My Perfume Shop for much cheaper.

Final Verdict

In our opinion, Very Good Girl may be the finest edition of Good Girl ever released. And it could very well be a signature scent.

The sweet rose smell will appeal to many young women between the age of 18 and 25 years old. And the red currant in the opening truly makes this a beautiful fruity, floral fragrance.

The notes of playfully mischievous rose, vetiver and vanilla create a fragrance that embodies "Fun, Fabulous and Fearless".

Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Review

While it is a new interpretation of the iconic original Good Girl Eau de Parfum, it shines in it's own unique way.

If the goal of the perfumers at Carolina Herrera was to create a scent for the modern woman, which embodies sophistication and beauty, then this has truly been achieved.

And for the incredible level of performance you get, Very Good girl is certainly very affordable for a signature fragrance.

If you're a fan of the original Good Girl, then there isn't a reason why you shouldn't love the new Very Good Girl edition.

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And even if you're very selective about perfumes, if you're looking for a new fragrance that can be worn year-round, very often and very easily, then Very Good Girl might just be perfect.

And if you're someone who's more in-love the the bottle designs of the Good Girl fragrances than the scent, then the bright-red bottle of Very Good Girl is reason enough to get your hands on one. 

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