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Article: Is Perfume Bad for Your Skin?

Is Perfume Bad for Your Skin? - My Perfume Shop

Is Perfume Bad for Your Skin?

Okay, so you can’t step outside without wearing perfume, but someone just told you that it is bad for your skin, and now you're confused?

We feel you.

Perfumes are not inherently harmful, but they can be, depending on the area you are applying it to. There are plenty of myths surrounding the detrimental effect of perfumes that it can be challenging to differentiate between reality and fiction. 

Should you stop wearing perfume? Absolutely not. They are crucial to personal grooming and add to your personality in all the best ways.

This is why we will show you the right way to wear perfume, and the top mistakes people make that damage their skin.

1. Don’t Rub Perfume On The Skin

Perfume is meant to sit on your skin gently. Yet when most people apply perfume, they put it on their wrist and rub the wrists together. It is never a good idea to rub the fragrance on your skin or rub your skin together. It is a damaging action.

Is perfume bad for your skin?

You will probably wear perfume in the same spot every day. So, if you continue rubbing it in, you will end up damaging the skin.

Besides, when perfume is rubbed or disturbed, you are forcing it to evaporate quickly. This will prevent the scent from formulating nicely.

2. Apply The Perfume On Pulse Points

Yes, this includes the neck, where a majority of people apply perfume. However, there is no need to use perfume at the same place every day. Most perfumes contain alcohol which can be drying for the skin.

Besides, you have a lot of options to mix and match when you target all the pulse points. Depending on where you are applying it, the effect of the scent will change.

Pulse points are great for application because they have a natural heat. They are much warmer than the other parts of your body. This allows for the scent to develop and spread nicely.

Applying perfume safely

If you are planning to be out all day, try putting it on your calves and ankles. It lets the scent slowly rise throughout the day. You will have a very long-lasting effect that comes in slowly and stays for a long time.

Midriff and behind the knees are also great places when you are going out for a date, or spending a romantic night with your spouse.

3. The Alternative For Sensitive Skin - Hair

Some people just have naturally sensitive skin. Anything they put to the skin could irritate them, or cause a reaction. Don’t let this stop you from experimenting and feeling the best you can be.

Your underclothes are a great place - near the neck or elbows of your shirt. This will keep the perfume away from your skin. If you are worried that even this could irritate your skin, you can try out the ultimate alternative.

Is perfume bad for your skin?

Before brushing your hair, spritz perfume on your hairbrush. Not only will you smell amazing all day long, but your hair will also not react adversely to perfume even if you have super allergic skin.

There are amazing fragrances that are made exclusively for hair. They also keep your hair fresh if you have not washed it in a couple of days.

4. Store It Well

One of the biggest mistakes people make with perfume is they store it in an inappropriate place. Before you are buying perfume, understand how much you need to use. If you use perfume once in a while, buy the smaller bottles.

If you are a regular user, get one to your liking. However, place it in a cool, shaded place. Perfume does not like going from a freezing area to a boiling setting. You should not keep it sitting on your cupboard for years before using it.

You would never store a bottle of nice wine on the sun, or unattended for years. Treat the perfume just as respectfully so it does not become stale or go bad. A perfume that has been mishandled can be bad for your skin.

5. Safe Application

There is no need to be paranoid about perfumes. Most of them are exclusively vetted, tested, and tried before they reach your hands. They are made to go with even the most sensitive skins. So much so, that you can mix a tiny bit of perfume with an unscented lotion you have and apply it on your skin. You will not see or feel any difference.

The lotion mix can give you a delightful smell. Besides, this is an excellent way of making sure that every drop of perfume that you have goes to good use, and nothing is wasted.

So there you have it, your guide to keeping your skin safe when applying perfume. Practicing these safety rules will keep you smelling wonderful and keep your skin healthy.

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